Pop-Up Dye Experience

Magic Can Happen Anywhere.

Bring a world of color to your next event & watch what wonders unfold. We’ll deliver a one-of-a-kind, hands-on adventure directly to your door.

How It Works:

A dyetender comes to you with our trademark mobile dye stations, bringing with them all the dyeing supplies necessary for creating your own tie dye master-pieces. From everything you can think of (rubber bands, gloves, aprons, spoons and twisting mats) to those things you might not realize you’ll need, (rinsing instructions?!) we’ve got it covered- no need to worry about a thing! We’ll also create a palette of your choice of liquid dye, ready to go. 


The Cost:

$1,000 for three hours, either indoor or outdoor, we can set-up in a multitude of venue spaces.

We can bring an assortment of blank goods & items for individual purchase, that guests and attendees can choose for themselves to buy & dye. 

We also offer a variety of add-ons, and can tailor the experience to fit your desired event and needs. An example of popular add-ons include:
  • Extra hour: $160 per hour
  • Pre-purchased t-shirts for attendees: $7 per shirt
  • Pre-twist option: $2 per garment (this means we will pre-twist your items to your desired design ie. traditional spiral)
  • Over 30 minutes of travel from our Corktown location: $100


Who Is This For:

Simply put, everyone! Suitable and enjoyable for both children and adults alike, we've noticed through our own observations while creating tie dye that watching the colors transform is a powerfully positive experience across the board. Not only is it an incredible creative experience, tie dye is also just plain fun to do! We've popped up at offices, breweries, schools, universities, festivals, parties and more!


For more information, or to book your Pop-Up Dye Experience, please call us at 248.310.8579, or email us at contact@brightlytwisted.com