Corporate Dye Parties


Explore color in a Corporate Dye Party: an immersive, out-of-the-office experience that focuses on creativity, curiousity, & most importantly- fun.

Similar in structure to our Dye Class 101, participants will have the opportunity to dye three items - two for keeping and one to give back to the community - with the assistance of a personal brightlytwisted dyetender to encourage, enhance and guide the learning experience.  

Parties vary in length and scope with time slots starting at $55 per person. Groups can bring their own food and drinks, or we can arrange a local catering option. We typically offer catering through a local pizzeria, with food, beer & wine costing $25 a head. Event flow differs based on the number of partcipants with smaller groups readily set-up for simultaneous dyeing, and larger groups moving in shifts at their own pace around different dye stations throughout the space. We can accommodate 50 people at our location in Corktown; for groups of more than 50 consider our off-site Pop-Up Dye Experience option.

Through our own observations while creating tie-dye, we have noticed that the process naturally forces the individual to be adaptable, creative and curious, while keeping mindful of the present moment, collaborating with those around them, and diving into a state of flow.

To book your team for a Corporate Dye Party please call 248.310.8579 or email us at