"Shapshifting Ties: Specialty Class" with a tie dye peace sign underneath.
A kid's sweatshirt with a blue tie dye heart.
A t-shirt with a tie dye peace sign
A tie dye cloverleaf.

Shapeshifting Ties - Jan. 26th at 6 PM

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Welcome to the Detroit Dye House. Beautiful things are created here. Our home is yours. We make 3 things- 2 you keep, & 1 you give away to the community.

Join us for our next specialty dye class, Shapeshifting Ties, on Thursday, January 26th at 6 PM. Only 12 total spots are availble. 

Instead of the three traditional tie dye twists taught in our Dye Class 101, this class explores more complex binding patterns. Shift the fabric into recognizible and playful designs by learning how to make peace signs, hearts, and cloverleafs!