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     brightlytwisted honors the centuries-old tradition of artistic mastery, prioritizing craftsmanship and authenticity over trends and superficial standards of style — evidenced by our commitment to the “one-of-one” concept and, with it, the conscious, daily effort to produce high-quality, sustainable goods that empower the wearer. The philosophy that drives our process strays from that of traditional manufacturing in our commitment to producing entirely unique, one-of-a-kind products designed to encourage originality in those who wear them. We don’t assume that our customers’ personal styles are identical (or even compatible) — nor do we want them to be. In a world rife with conformity, we strive to fulfill the unmet needs of those who use fashion as an outlet for honest self-expression.

     Today, brightlytwisted operates out of a fully functioning production center in Metro-Detroit, complete with design/ dye studio, processing/shipping department, home office, and showroom. Predominately a wholesale business, the brand offers a full line of contemporary women’s apparel, accessories, and home-decor.

     Decidedly a “support local” business, we strive to keep our production domestic wherever possible. Our apparel is manufactured entirely in-state (a la Michigan Fashion Proto of Lansing) using high-quality fabric sourced in the United States. Nine individuals are employed at brightlytwisted's home office - among whom, an exclusive team of four are responsible for cultivating our [uncommonly pretty] designs.

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