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  1. Done, made, or happening only once and not repeated



  1. Something done, made, or happening only once, not as a part of a regular sequence.

Limited to a single time.



The artists at brightlytwisted are responsible for creating new designs; new art work – as well as daily production to fill orders.


It starts with DESIGN

Designing new art work – patterns, effects, looks with dye is the driving force behind what we do and what will be seen next. Refined techniques or throw caution to the wind  - on canvases of fabrics like rayon (we dye more rayon than any other fabric), bamboo, modal cotton, cotton, silk, cashmere, linen, and velvet – this  is how we became, what is now recognizable as a “brightlytwisted”.


Colorways are next.

It takes considerable practice time to convert a new design into one that can be consistently repeated by each artist. For the most part, the artist that design, also manage their own production. Cross training is necessary for mostly practical reasons. Colorways can be replicated, but because each piece is made individually, by hand, even an order needing quantity, where we are using the same colors and techniques will produce all One-of-a-Kinds (OAK) in the next morning’s wash.


Designing “new” happens daily.

Colorways are made from ONE-OFF’s, but more often than not, a one-off can’t be replicated.  History has shown us that one-off’s tend to be crazy beautiful.  We receive our best selling success when we can sell one-off’s.

 While we have traditionally approached the dying process like artists, there is inherently a ton of chemistry involved and I have coined the phrase “the dye has a mind of its own” – aka/ I don’t know the chemistry behind it….yet! Regardless, the original is exquisite.




Colorways are made once the order has been received and we state that it will ship within 5-7 business days. We are able to manage this comfortably at this time.


One-Off’s are already made therefore can ship same day order is received up until 2pm EST.


One-off’s are dyed on varying sizes, so significant attention will need to be placed on how to best organize this new category. My prevailing concern is NOT too create “tie-dye vomit”….

Too many colors and designs for anyone’s mind to organize.

Importantly, what I want is it to make it easy on the eye – which I learned to use white space. Another successful approach used in the past is showing multiple garments dyed in the same color families – and in the same size. This limits the variables – everything offered have the same hues and are “smalls” -  


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