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The Interconnectedness of brightlytwisted and Conscious Consumerism

The Interconnectedness of brightlytwisted and Conscious Consumerism
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How you spend your money is how you show your values
- Blake Mycoskie of TOMS

It is often cliche and unoriginal to start a piece with a quote, but let the above sink and soak into your bones. It’s not every day that we get the opportunity to make a connection with who makes our clothes or worry if the dyes are polluting a nearby river. Today you have that opportunity, to rewrite the narrative and spend your money to show your values. What is most important to you and what do you hold close? Navigate the personal impact you hold because you have a direct impact and vote with your wallet. So, own this personal power and begin to sail through the often murky waters of garment transparency and shed light to conscious consumerism to your tribe.

How brightlytwisted Supports Conscious Consumerism

The concept of conscious consumerism has been shaped and molded from a damaged system that has moved away from sustainability in both the people and places it serves, to one that is choosing quota over character and chasing profit.

In an industry that is known for exploiting people and the environment season after season — and seasons even in between those — people are compelled to write a new narrative in the garment industry, one that is a steward of both people and the environment. Conscious consumerism unequivocally begins at an organic level, with the small folks, rallying for change. This is much more than just an article, post on social media, or challenged over brunch — this organic change happens in action and with action.

At brightlytwisted, our story was an amalgamation of autonomy and authenticity — we wanted our handcrafted, hand-dyed garments to bleed and weave into every aspect of our business so there was no line — no separation in our life’s philosophy — for inconsistencies. To wholly embrace our lifestyle and business philosophies, we had to make a cognizant decision to step outside the traditional garment industry space and create a new narrative that was distinctly our own.

So, how did we build a company that is a cornerstone of conscious consumerism? We did what the big box stores weren’t — we gave a damn.

We began with the sourcing of our materials. Transparency is traced with brightlytwisted, as we source our fabric within the United States. We keep it local in Metro-Detroit and domestic. Every hand-dyed garment is designed by one artist, one piece at a time. It’s slow fashion, produced and crafted with the mindfulness of an individual.

When you purchase a piece from brightlytwisted, you’re supporting a small team. You’re supporting a community that calls-to-action — change — piece-by-piece, customer-by-customer. It’s organically creating conscious consumers and allowing the garments to speak on behalf of their art, so people can wear their stories and affect change in their tribes. It’s creating an awareness that you can always choose character over quota and that people and the environment do matter.

So, rewrite your narrative and challenge convention. It begins with you, our uncommonly pretty consumer, to spend your money to show what you value.

If you want to support a local, Metro-Detroit company who does everything right down to the sewing — that goes beyond fair-trade — in our dye house, support brightlytwisted!

Shop our sustainable and beautifully crafted pieces today!

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