In the news: Corporate Dye Workshops

An immersive, out-of-office experience that focuses on adaptability, 
 collaboration, creativity, curiosity, flow and mindfulness.

As seen featured here on Channel 4's Click On Detroit!

Detroit, MI: With the success of the Detroit Dye House’s signature dye classes comes a new artistic venture with a focus on team building in the corporate sector. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to re-evaluate what it means to be “out-of-office.” With teams scattered while working remotely and many plagued by “Groundhog Day” syndrome, the Corporate Dye Workshop offers a break from the monotony of familiar tasks to increase productivity when your team returns to wherever they may be calling “the office”.

Located in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood, Detroit Dye House - home of brightlytwisted - offers a hands-on tie-dye experience. A place for expression, a place for nurturing creativity, creating messes and letting go. A place for connection and to pay it forward. Dive in head first and experience a world of color by participating in one of our Corporate Dye Workshops.

Our Corporate Dye Workshops are designed to be tailor made to your team’s specific goals and objectives. Workshops vary in length and size with time slots starting at $55 per person. The dye room readily accommodates 20 adults, groups of 20 or more will be considered a custom class. All supplies will be included in the cost of the workshop. Food and drink are permitted and welcomed, neighborhood restaurant and catering options are available upon request.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to dye three items - two for keeping and one to give back to the community - with the assistance of a personal brightlytwisted dye-tender to encourage and enhance the learning experience. We have also included time for set up, clean up and a “team debrief” in each session. To register your team for the Corporate Dye Workshop please call 248.310.8579.

While learning to create tie-dye (and having lots of fun), teams will also have the opportunity to focus on the following six skills:

Adaptability: Learn to let go of preconceived notions and unlock an inner openness to new ideas. It’s ok to make mistakes in the dye room, mistakes often lead to the most creative discoveries or opportunities for a new vision. Drip some hot pink dye on a sleeve you wanted to dye yellow? We will help you create a blank canvas out of what others may call a “stained” surface.

Collaboration: The Detroit Dye House promotes an immersive environment that bonds participants through the experience of creating art. While pieces are dyed by the individual, the nature of our work assumes a team-oriented approach. We rely on each of the artists who walk through the door, both beginners and seasoned dyers, to bring their own unique perspective to the communal experience of creating tie-dye.

Creativity: Perhaps it’s an obvious skill, but our Corporate Dye Workshop will challenge you to “create” during each and every step of the process. Deciding on a garment, selecting a design, choosing a color palette, and placing your dye in your desired (and sometimes undesired) areas, these many decisions lead participants to expand creative thinking.

Curiosity: Our Corporate Dye Workshop calls on child-like curiosity, prompting each participant to question the materials in front of them. With eyes wide open, one will investigate the effects of a twist of a spoon on the fabric, the placement of a rubber band on a garment, and the chemical interaction of powdered dye combined with water.

Flow: The ability to go above and beyond ordinary concentration to experience the extraordinary. Just as the dye travels on the fabric, so will each participant’s imagination; learning to envision a new path to an end result just as an accidental drop of dye alters a piece, encouraging out-of-the- box thinking.

Mindfulness: learning to stay in the moment; completely immersing oneself in the entirety of a project and allowing the experience to dictate the outcome - utilizing observational skills to truly “see” all aspects of a dynamic operation.

While participating in Detroit Dye House signature dye classes or workshops guests will also have the opportunity to shop our line of apparel and homewares, hand-dyed by our team of talented artists, known as brightlytwisted.