Heaven is a Sweatshirt

Small comforts have been packing an extra punch lately, and I have been leaning into finding gratitude and appreciation for the little things that make me happy.
Most recently? Discovering the perfect sweatshirt. 
I’ve been searching for this sweatshirt for years. I’m not exaggerating. Actual years. That basic, cozy, soft (a non-negotiable), structured, high quality, well-made — did I mention soft? — sweatshirt is one of my all-time top material comforts. 
There is an undeniable and powerful movement lifting the revolutionary voices of our nation. The deep generational trauma born from our country’s historical, systemic oppression of Black people in America is no longer living beneath the surface, in the shadows, or under the radar. We are sitting in and working through great discomfort while the consequences of systemic racism force us to tell the truth about who we really are as a society, a nation, and a world. 
Out of trauma comes healing. Out of destruction comes rebirth. Out of discomfort comes growth. We wanted to make something that can provide even a minimal amount of comfort while we grow into our new selves and a new world, creating new ways to thrive while we navigate these revolutionary times.
Comfort on a cool summer evening or in the privilege of air conditioning through the warmer months grows into comfort amidst the crisp fall air, grows into comfort when the first frost hits, grows into comfort at the precipice of a new trip around the sun… this small comfort will always be there, growing into and alongside your personal journey.
For us, small comfort looks like a crewneck with a raglan sleeve, an updated (modern) fit, detailed trim, and the sofest fabric we could find (and let me tell you, this fabric does its job). I foresee this piece joining the ranks of our classic top-selling scarves and their reputation for repeat-purchases and “security-blanket” side effects. This crew sweatshirt has everything — security, style, color, and comfort. While we work closely with local sewers and rely heavily on their quick turnaround and high-quality work, sometimes we reach out to Los Angeles manufacturers — because sometimes the answers you search for are just waiting for you to find them, a little farther away. 
P.s. We’re offering “Family Sizing” so start planning your next set of Family Portraits now!  We also have a few new dresses coming! Locally made — casual, everyday frocks and a few maxis. 
I am equally excited to share the launch of brightlytwisted basics — while we are anything but “basic,” we value the balance a good standard garment offers to our uncommonly pretty staples. 
Included in this line are:
Oversized Tee
Boxy Tee
Baby Rib Tank
Muscle Tank
Crew Sweatshirt
Cropped Sweatshirt Hoodie 
The T’s are a vintage wash cotton, which makes them the perfect palette for brightlytwisted. The sizing is industry standard. The “basics” are not oversized unless specifically noted. We wash and dry all items through the dyeing process, so all pieces are pre-shrunk. Be sure to check out the garment descriptions to learn more about fit.